(An ode to the millions of kind souls and their life-saving work during these troubling times.)

Kindness breeds with contact,
passed down from a kind soul
to another, an ever-sharing cycle
of care, empathy and tenderness.

Kindness grows not on the walls
in our hearts but in its cracks,
and fills up the spaces- looking
good while doing so too.

I learn kindness anew each day,
from those I see around me.  A million
Samaritans may not know they teach it,
but in their actions I learn it anyway.

Kindness can save and enrich
lives, all it takes is one choice.
Free to use, easy to share, kindness
begets kindness and grows with a smile.

Kind thoughts and kind spirits,
long may you live on! For until the
last person kind to others breaths
no more, we may call ourselves humans.

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