January 2020 and a new beginning

Hi All,

Its 2020. Unless my notifications have somehow slowed down in the last ten days, India hasn’t become a superpower yet. Still eagerly waiting on that. I, on the other hand, have decided to up my game to compensate. Every year, I began with my steely resolve and fool proof plans to seize the year and march towards glory. Predictably, I lose the plot fairly quickly and fast forward to the end of the year, when I wonder what I could have done with the time I had. Not anymore. This year, I have resolved to populate this space with a jumble of content. This will include poems I scribble, incomplete stories I think of, places I see and people I talk to, and maybe much more. Inertia is the enemy. By the end of this year, I would like to tell myself that I may not have done much of effect in anything, but at least I tried doing something in many things. After all, our Finance minister seems to be following the same trick. Hope to see many blank pages filling up this year.

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