(An ode to the millions of kind souls and their life-saving work during these troubling times.) Kindness breeds with contact,passed down from a kind soulto another, an ever-sharing cycleof care, empathy and tenderness. Kindness grows not on the wallsin our hearts but in its cracks,and fills up the spaces- lookinggood while doing so too. I … Continue reading Kindness

The Importance of History

Indian history does not get talked about enough (the what-actually-happened-and-was-recorded part of it and NOT the flying spaceships, anti-gravity stones, and our prescient discovery of head transplants kind).  History school books generally emphasize a select few empires and dynasties, relegating the rest of our vast history to a footnote or a paragraph.  Like shining a … Continue reading The Importance of History

The Emperor of All Maladies- a review

Siddhartha Mukherjee's The Emperor of All Maladies- A Biography of Cancer is a deep dive into the history of cancer, its recorded occurrence and treatment. The book highlights the multitudes of ground-breaking innovations that have helped scientists understand and, to a lesser extent, treat the various kinds of cancers occurring among humans. The book follows … Continue reading The Emperor of All Maladies- a review