The sea and me

I remember the waves
when I first saw the sea-
not at all what I
imagined them to be.

As I walked into water,
into waves full of deceit-
noisy, salty, angry, stuffy,
moved sand beneath my feet.

The sand stuck to my soles,
clothes wet, clingy and cold.
Somehow, I cut my toe and each
new wave rifled through my soul.

I took a dip in the water, salt,
infernal salt in my nose and eyes.
My hair all itchy, my tongue all dry,
a new entry to the things I despise.

I do not like the sea.
Clearly, it’s the hills for me,
and the sea shares my apathy.
Next time this comes up,
I’ll gladly let the sea be
and focus on something
that takes me anywhere but the sea.

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