Controlling life- living for, or living within?

I ask you this question,
are you living for something?
Or are you merely living within,
letting the world pass you by as you
watch and barely feel your own presence?

Is this a false illusion?
Are you seeing the world pass you by,
as you sit still, discontent with sitting,
not realizing that you are on a moving train
and what you see is relative to your motion?

Is your life not itself a moving train?
The journey has commenced when you sat,
and it’ll get you where you need to go,
as you sit still and go with the flow.


Do you ever feel like you’re not moving,
unless you physically feel that change?
Do you believe that you’re moving in that train-
just like you’ve never seen yourself grow,
even though you were not what you are now?

Passive change happens without you moving,
but is that enough for your soul? For your present?
Your future will not be the same,
no matter whether you do move, or do not.
Passivity never gives you control, just change.

Control comes from seeing yourself move,
so disbelieving you are that you may not
believe change happens any other way. But it does.
There’s always change in living within, but
true control comes with living for something.

Do you fear not changing, or
just not controlling that change?

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