Little Things

Little steps I took as a child,
tottering, falling, and bawling.
But those steps got me here,
and now I am walking fine.

Little by little I spelled out words,
Tea, Are, Eye, Sea, Kay, Why-
But as tricky as the words were,
today I think and read and write.

Little toys I played with, and made
model planes and conducted trains.
But now each memory shines bright
in my happy-childhood mosaic.

Little bit at a time, I shared my life,
sat down with strangers, and got up with
friends. Little jokes and stories were shared,
little realizing how much we cared.

Little smiles followed by grins replace
streaming tears and anxious sighs.
Indeed, little joys suffice in tearing down
tears and frightening away fears.

Every little moment in life passes
and with it, a part of us too. But life
is full of little moments, little joys.
It’s never too little, or too late.

Little things are planted, and
tend to grow slow. But trust me,
and trust yourself- tend to these
with love and big things grow.

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