Man: The God

I picked a rose today,
for my girlfriend who smiles and says,
“Thanks, this brightens my day.”
And thus, I win her over every day.

The rose existed for that purpose,
I’m sure, because it brought smiles to us,
De-thorned and de-nailed, this rose,
Scissors rendering its evolution to dust.

But what’s the big fuss about?
I killed it and gave it life,
made it matter, caused a human smile,
isn’t the immortality worth a petty crime?

We protect our own, the world over.
We give it meaning in our own words,
We make children look for diamonds,
and we do it all for our human’s smile.

Kill, conquer, dominate, vanquish, burn,
we cancel living things for our fine dining.
Every animal is a predator, but none more
than man. Man is the peak.  Man is God.

A vengeful God, killing and maiming for
pleasure, for money. For a moment of magic,
he causes a lifetime of grief. For a smile
from his pretty girl, he causes a rose to wilt.

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