Today and Every Day

Every day, I wake up
and stare at my roof.
Another day to tackle,
numerous chores to do.

I wish I slept some more,
I could have postponed today.
But today would still be here,
waiting for me to come.

The days don’t stop, the job goes on,
It makes no sense; life won’t wait for me.
That’s the way it works- this life,
it’s only my story when I am in it.

Life doesn’t go away, even if I do,
So I may at least get to work.
Take my place in this world and
fight the battles myself today.

I know this all, and I remind myself,
Today is another chapter, one of many,
I get to write my story today and every day,
what more can I ask from life,
than that I get to live it today?

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